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Windows Mobile Games (Pocket PC)

Allure Games Pack (Windows Mobile) USD 4.99

A bundle of casual Windows Mobile games.

  • All-in-one package with a great discount!
  • Games for hours, and games for minutes!
  • Play with friends!

Palm Games

Hot Games Pack (Palm OS) USD 4.99

Intorine offers a variety of exciting games for Palm OS powered handhelds:

  • Board, puzzle, action and card games - match any mood!
  • Different age groups - games for you, your parents and children!
  • Multiplayer capabilities - use PDA as a game board!
  • Bluetooth and Infrared are supported - are you advanced?
  • Bundle a custom pack of games and save more!
  • Get more out of your Palm powered handheld with Hot Games Pack!

Intelli Chess

Intelli Chess (Windows Mobile) USD 4.99

Intelli Chess is an award-winning chess game for Windows Mobile.
  • Strong chess engine with adjustable difficulty level
  • Play over the Internet at (ICC)
  • Two players mode: use your Windows Mobile PDA as a chessboard
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Different skins
  • Lots of game settings

Symbian Games

Symbian OS Games (Cell Checkers)

Symbian OS is the bleeding-edge mobile operating system becoming extensively popular worldwide.
Intorine offers games for Symbian OS to provide a consistent experience for customers looking for high quality games on all popular mobile platforms.

Read more about Cell Checkers for Symbian OS

Intorine in Russian

Intorine Website in Russian

Cowgirl for Pocket PC

Sea War Multiplayer Cowgirl is an extremely addictive Pocket PC game that incorporates brilliant graphics, quality sound, and unique gameplay experience that provides hours or fun. In this dynamic game you control a cowgirl that uses her lasso to catch different kinds of prizes: cows, horses, cash bags, etc. The game is easily controlled with only one button. Online high scores table supported. Are you ready to become the champion lasso thrower lady in the West?


Plazmoids for Palm OS

Sea War Multiplayer

Plazmoids! is an arcade game for Palm OS that combines superb high resolution, 3D-style graphics, sophisticated visual effects, and addictive techno music and sound.


Chess server interoperability

You are welcome to download the new release of IntelliChess 2.1 that can act as a chess-server client. Users can play the game of chess directly from their PocketPC powered handhelds using server.


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